Christine Ferea, other BKFC stars predict Friday's KnuckleMania Main Event

Christine Ferea, other BKFC stars predict Friday's KnuckleMania Main Event

Monday, Feb 13 2023 by BKFC Staff

The biggest fight of the year goes down Friday at KnuckleMania 3. BKFC World Light-Heavyweight Champion Lorenzo “The Juggernaut” Hunt (8-1, 7 KOs) meets the unbeaten BKFC World Interim Light-Heavyweight Champion Mike “The Marine” Richman (4-0, 4 KOs) in the biggest title unification bout in bare knuckle fighting history, LIVE on The BKFC App.

Check out fight night predictions from some of BKFC’s biggest stars as we count down the seconds to Friday night in Albuquerque, NM. 

Andrew Angelcor: “Richman proved he's as tough as they come in his last fight. But he also showed how much he can be touched. If Hunt lands the same punches on him that Isaac Doolittle landed, I don't see him withstanding that. So if he tries to bang it out, Hunt wins. But if he uses his boxing and movement, Richman wins. I think this is gonna be a damn good fight.”

Howard “HD” Davis: “Both are great fighters. This could be the BKFC Fight of the Year, but it's hard to ever go against Hunt – he seems unstoppable.”

Christine “Misfit” Ferea: “I believe Hunt will have too much power and speed for Richman. The agility, speed and athleticism is unmatched here. Richman is a tough fighter, I just believe Hunt is levels above him competitively. Now if it came down to real war, that's a different outcome, in my opinion. Respect to both of the fighters.”

JR “The Lion” Ridge: “Intriguing matchup with bad blood. Both are exceptional fighters with two different styles; Richman being more tactical and precise and Hunt with brute force and explosive punching. Going to have to go with Hunt on this one.”

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren: “This is a tough one. Hunt definitely has the size advantage, and I’d say Richman has better skill of throwing hands. I’m going with 'The Marine' though because so far Hunt hasn’t had anyone really go after him, and I think Richman will do just that with consistent pressure.”

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