Ravon “Big Shot” Baxter has big goals, starting with another big win at BKFC 30

Ravon “Big Shot” Baxter has big goals, starting with another big win at BKFC 30

Tuesday, Sep 20 2022 by BKFC Staff

Ravon “Big Shot” Baxter has big goals in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Squared Circle.

“Every sport has that God-given person. Floyd Mayweather was born to box. Lebron James was born to play basketball. I honest to God believe I was born to dominate BKFC,” Baxter said.

“I do this for real, man.” 

Where does Baxter’s confidence come from?

“I’m from the Bronx. I’ve been fighting since I was five years old, and I’ve never lost a hand-to-hand street fight,” said Baxter, who now splits his time between Nashville and Ohio.

“I’ve never lost, and more importantly I’ve never fought for the wrong reason. I’ve never been a bully. I treat fighting with respect, so I believe that’s why God blessed me with this opportunity.” 

Baxter is coming off a victory in his BKFC debut in April. His next opportunity to make a statement with his hands comes in the form of Tony Jenkins. The pair meet in light-heavyweight action at BKFC 30 on Oct. 1 in Monroe, LA, LIVE on the BKFC app.

Baxter’s prediction for fight night is simple.

“I’m going to end it, by any means necessary,” he said. “I’m going to keep punching until he’s down – that’s all I’ll say.”

At just 26, “Big Shot” has a big shot at enjoying a long career in the Squared Circle. For now, he’s taking it all in stride and rolling with the punches.

“Exciting is the perfect word. I feel like I have the world ahead of me. I can learn so much from the guys who are ahead of me right now – Lorenzo Hunt, Joe Riggs, guys like that. There’s no need to call anybody out, because I know my time is coming,” Baxter said.

“I’m going to take over.”

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