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Samuel Romero fights out of San Jose, California and has a wild life story as seen on the BKFC tryout video BKFC TRYOUTS: Los Angeles. He lost a decision in his most recent fight in 2019 and went out to drink with some friends after weeks of fight camp and a disappointing outcome to his work. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up in a hospital bed after being thrown into the Guadalupe River. A passing jogger happened to see what looked like a lifeless body laying in shallow water, but it was Samuel Romero barely hanging on to life. 

With the help of his doctors and supportive family, Romero picked up the pieces and kept his dream in mind of one day becoming a world champion. He feels, and it’s hard to disagree, that his fighting career was cut short and he can’t wait to get back to it! 

In his MMA career, Romero really seemed to struggle on the ground but luckily for him and us alike, he won’t need to worry about submissions or grappling. In his debut BKFC performance, he gets to prove to himself that he belongs and that he still has the ability to fight at a high level. Sam Romero had a single fight in Bellator in addition to two others professionally.

Everywhere Romero travels to, he picks up a gift for his daughter who he fights for. His top priority in life is to provide her with everything that he can and fighting is a way that he can do that. Romero runs an MMA class for kids and an adult kickboxing class as a nine-to-five. As a tough guy not to root for and someone with the skills and heart to become a contender, we may be lucky to witness something special with Sam Romero!