Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Rules 

Fighters are permitted to wrap and tape the wrist, thumb, and mid-hand. No gauze or tape can be within 1 inch of the knuckles.

Fighters will “Toe The Line” There are two lines, three feet apart, in the center of the ring where the fighters will start each round. The front foot will be on the line, and then the referee will instruct the fighters to “Knuckle Up” this means the beginning of the round/bout.

Punches are the only strike allowed and must be a closed fist. (No kicks, elbows, knees, or grappling)

In a clinch, the fighter may punch his way out with the open hand. If there is a three-second lull in action while clinching, the referee will break the fighters.

If a fighter gets knocked down, he will have 10 seconds to return to his feet, or the referee will stop the fight. You are NOT permitted to hit a downed fighter. If you do you will be disqualified, and your purse may be withheld. While a fighter is downed, the other fighter will be instructed to report to a neutral area.

If a fighter is cut, and the blood is impairing the fighter’s vision, the referee may call a timeout a give the cutman 30 seconds to stop the bleeding. If the cut cannot be controlled and the blood inhibits the fighter’s vision, the referee will stop the fight and award victory to the other fighter.

Fights are 2 minutes per round and each bout will be 5 rounds in length.

Attire: All fighters must have a groin protector with a cup, a mouthpiece, boxing trunks, and boxing/wrestling shoes.

All fighters are expected to give 100% effort and behave with complete sportsmanship.