"This Is A Tough One": BKFC stars predict Saturday's Main Event

"This Is A Tough One": BKFC stars predict Saturday's Main Event

Thursday, Feb 29 2024 by BKFC Staff

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, the world’s fastest growing combat sports promotion, makes its hugely anticipated Canadian debut this week. 

On Saturday, the must-see BKFC Prospect Series goes down under the bright lights at River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch, AB, LIVE on The BKFC App. In the Main Event, Canada’s most dangerous woman, Montreal’s Jade Masson-Wong, battles Gabrielle Roman of Perth Amboy, NJ. 

We checked in with some of BKFC’s most knowledgeable fighters for their Main Event predictions.

James “Get Down” Brown: Great fight, but I'm going with Roman all day. She's sharp, she's tough and the IQ is there. Masson-Wong has to make it dirty if she wants a chance. Roman, third-round TKO.

Zach "Shark Attack" Calmus: I love it when the BKFC females are center stage. Jade is on the rise, but Gabrielle is looking to make a statement in enemy territory! This is definitely a Main Event fight with Canada versus U.S.A. All I can say is, USA!

Blake "Big Boy" LaCaze: I like both styles that they bring; it's power against consistency. I like Masson-Wong in this matchup based on her power, but I do expect it could go either way. Roman is as tough as they come.

Crystal “Rugged Beauty” Pittman: I think Jade holds more power and Roman has better boxing technique, but I feel they both handle pressure very well. Even though I don't think Roman is much of an underdog, I do feel that she’s going into Jade’s territory to fight the No. 1-ranked 125 division fighter and that's a big leap. I have to go for Jade on this one but I hope the best for both warriors!

"Royal" Ryan Reber: Honestly this is going to be a banger and a close one. Both girls match up very well together!

JR "The Lion" Ridge: This is a great matchup. Roman has that fight in her and Masson-Wong has the experience in the Squared Circle. Both are strong competitors, but I’m going with Masson-Wong on this one.

Esteban “Mohawk” Rodriguez: No doubt Jade Masson-Wong is coming out with the win in her hometown. She's locked in and ready to come up.

Kasim “Caution” Ruffin: Masson-Wong all the way. She fights like she has bricks for hands and I love it (laughs).

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren: This is a tough one! I’d give the power edge to Jade and a more active edge to Roman. I think it will be a close decision either way, which puts a little favor on Jade’s side with her being the hometown favorite.