Sean Bam Bam Hotusing
Current Rank
182 CM / 5'11"
United States of America
84.14 KG / 185 LBS
Bam Bam
Social Media
Pro Bare Knuckle Record 0-1-0 Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs)

Fighter Record

Result Opponent Event Watch
Loss Fred Pierce BKFC Prospects 1 Miami
Aug 24 2023

Fighter Bio

Twitter Sean Bam Bam Hotusing


Sean ‘Bam Bam’ Hotusing has quite the life story to say the least. The Houston born kid was adopted at a very young age and his family brought him out to Miami which he proudly represents. He grew up hustling and fighting in backyards as a Kimbo Slice fan and opportunities seem to find him when he needs them the most. Hotusing kind of fell into some bodyguard gigs despite not being the biggest and most intimidating looking individual. Apparently he garnered some attention from some big names including rapper 6ix9ine, and if you followed any of the drama that surrounded him, you’d know that’s got to be a bodyguard’s worst nightmare.

When it comes to fighting, ‘Bam Bam’ cut his teeth in MMA at the amateur level before turning pro and having a single fight before stepping into the BKFC Squared Circle. The Miami resident suffered a loss in his debut on a technicality, he struck a downed opponent and the opponent refused to continue. Ask Sean why the fight didn’t continue, he’d say, “I made him quit,” but he did give his opponent every opportunity to find the exit with multiple illegal strikes. We hope to see a more calculated measure in future appearances because the BKFC has what could develop into a complete package in the middle/light heavyweight.    

Up until the DQ, Hotusing looked like a problem for much of the division. Look forward to a boisterous personality and some wild words coming from the striker leading up to and after fight night. Hotusing constantly speaks on being grateful and humble while reflecting on blessings that life brings, but he’s not afraid to speak out and tell you how he sees it.