Zeb Vincent wants to be a face of BKFC

Zeb Vincent wants to be a face of BKFC

Monday, Jun 10 2024 by BKFC Staff

Zeb “CWB” Vincent is riding high after back-to-back wins in the BKFC Squared Circle.

The red-hot Kansas City, KS product recently notched his second straight stoppage victory with a third-round TKO over Casey Moses in middleweight action at the sold-out BKFC Fight Night Denver.

They say you only get to make one first impression, but Vincent has successfully reintroduced himself to BKFC fans after his unsuccessful BKFC debut against Keegan Vandermeer at BKFC 31 in 2022.

“I was overweight in my debut and I went in there just to brawl when I should’ve boxed him,” Vincent, 29, says in retrospect. “That was the reason that I wanted to come back – I’m very hard on myself and I wanted to show that I’m better than what I showed in my debut.”

Mission accomplished, but Vincent is just getting started. He’d like a quick turnaround in the Squared Circle because he has big goals in bare knuckle fighting.

“I’d like to be a face of BKFC, like a Mike Perry or a Lorenzo Hunt or a Mike Richman. I want to be a fighter that people look up to," Vincent says. "Bare knuckle means more to me than anything because this is as real as it gets, you know?”