Cameron VanCamp is here to stay with BKFC

Cameron VanCamp is here to stay with BKFC

Monday, Feb 19 2024 by BKFC Staff

Cameron “Jumpman” VanCamp has big plans for his birthday.

He turns 31 on April 27 – the same date as KnuckleMania 4 in Los Angeles.

On Friday, VanCamp earned his first BKFC victory by knocking out Micah Terrill in the Co-Main Event of the BKFC Prospect Series in Manassas, VA. He’d like to keep the great times rolling with a quick turnaround fight in BKFC’s hugely anticipated debut in Los Angeles.

“That would be amazing. Right after my knockout, I went backstage and told (BKFC Matchmaker Nate Shook) that I wanted to be a part of that event,” the hard-hitting Indianapolos, IN fighter says.  

“I’d love to be a part of that card; hopefully we can make it happen.”

VanCamp had an impressive MMA career that included a stint with the UFC before transitioning to bare knuckle fighting. Now he’s all in on BKFC.

“I want to go all the way,” he says.

“I started MMA as a wrestler, but I fell in love with striking – so much so that I didn’t even want to be on the ground. Once I started bare knuckle, I realized there’s a very unique element to it – how clean and precise you have to be with your striking. It’s also so raw.

“It speaks to me; this is where I want to have my career.”